Tracker Sort

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Integrated Herd Sorting

Tracker Sort™

The Highest Level of Cow Sorting Automation

TrackerSort2017Grouping cows is an important part of dairy management. Grouping for feeding, stage of lactation, milking speed and animal health are some of the reasons managing cow groups is effective. Moving cows to specific cow groups is an on-going labor intensive process that can be automated with AIC’s Tracker Sort™ system.

Our Tracker Sort™ is a highly automated system that can be installed on existing and new systems. If you see a cow that needs attention, enter her ID number and she’ll be sorted as she leaves the parlor.

This isn't just a sort controller, this is integrated dairy herd management.

  • Sort out of pen cows.
  • Find cows with missing or defective ear tags.
  • Find cows not properly entered into the dairy management package.
  • Interfaces with any Dairy Management Software where sort listings can be created.
  • Manual sort switches and indicator lights provide sorting status.

Options for older or non-AIC Waikato systems

  • Add Tracker Sort Controller to existing gating systems.
  • Right or left or right and left sorting.

If integrated with an AIC Waikato system

  • Sorting executed by command from the AIC Waikato Expresso Detacher Stall.