About Us

AIC’s heritage dates back 100 years when it began developing technologies which enable farmers to perfect the milking process. Since then they have relentlessly  worked towards improving animal health, cow production and on farm efficiency . The company won acclaim for its patented ‘Smart Sensing’ technology which offers significant benefits to farmers including  - milk yield, milk temperature and conductivity, all in an economical, easy to clean package.

During 2017 Waikato Milking Systems announced its acquisition of this iconic US dairy sensing company. The new company, AIC Waikato provides US Dairymen with one source for the most advanced range of milk sensing equipment and dairy systems in the world.

The aim of AIC Waikato is to design and manufacture sophisticated technology which brings new levels of simplicity, efficiency and pleasure to modern dairying. The design and build quality mean products consistently out-perform and out-last anything else on the market, contributing to low total cost of ownership.

AIC Waikato is an all-American business – our people, R&D, manufacturing, assembly and distribution are all based in Verona, Wisconsin. Our main markets include North and South America, Asia, Australia and several other countries in Western and Eastern Europe.

Our suite of milk sensing equipment and management software can be installed on any parlor platform type making it extremely modular. Its performance combined with Waikato Milking Systems’ Centrus Composite platform is especially noteworthy.