Testimonials Perfect Milking begins and ends in the parlor - that's where we are.

Terry Byrne and future farmer son, Michael. 90-cow dairy. Neillsville, WI


"We love our Presto Detachers! We pay close attention to our cell count and milk temperature.
Our efficiency and production have increased."

♦ Cell Count Award, Clark County

Dennis, Dillan and Dean Fredrick. Owen, WI

Fredrick  "The best investment we’ve ever made. No matter if we’re late getting back to the cow when things get hectic, it always detaches. Milk temp, milk weight and cell count have been a great tool for managing our herd and are very easy to operate. We’ve been surprised at how little or how much some of our cows produce. When making our decision on detachers we really liked the idea that they are made in Wisconsin. We are well pleased.”

Rodney Leiterman. Double 8 w/Herd Tracker, 500-cow dairy. Denmark WI

Leiterman  "AIC Waikato units are very dependable and durable. We’ve had little problems. We like the capability of employee monitoring. We use and pay close attention to SCC and milk temp. We’ve saved lots of money on early detection of sick cows. We plan to add AIC’s ID System here down the road. We upgraded from Boumatics to AIC Presto Detachers and Herd Tracker and couldn’t be more satisfied."

Brad Kops. 260-cow dairy. Unity, WI

 Kops "We are really happy with our Presto Detachers. Consistency in milking and prep time are important and we get that. Catching sick cows early is a real money saver. Our herd milks out faster, our cell count went down over a 100. We were a bit surprised at some of our cow’s milk weight, both high and low.”

Mark Krueger & sons, Chad and Ben. Denmark, WI

Krueger "We notice since installing our AIC Waikato Detachers that we had way less issues with teat ends. We have much more consistant milking. Milk temp, milk weight, and identifying fresh cows is a real advantage. Our herds cell count is down.
There’s no question the units pay for themselves.”

Ryan (pictured), Steve and Marvin Schlies. 440-cow dairy. Kewaunee, WI

 Schlies "We upgraded from Germania to AIC Presto Detachers and Herd Tracker. We love our AIC Waikato Detachers. The consistency in milking from cow to cow is very noticeable. Our maintenence cost are little to nothing, saving us money. Employee accountability is a great tool and helps us be more efficient. We pay close attention to milk temp. Cow grouping with heard tracker is great. We’re happy with AIC Waikato."

Brian Wavrunek (Dairymen), Jamie Jeanquart (Total Dairy Service). Kewaunee, WI

Wavrunek  "Tie stall upgraded from Ecolites to AIC Waikato Prestos, milk weight and temperature are consistently monitored, units are easy to operate, set up and program. We’ve had no problems with our units and are very satisfied. Since switching over to AIC our cell counts have been decreasing. Total Dairy is knowledgeable and real good to work with.”

Zirbel Dairy Farm, Kris Scheider (pictured). Double 12, 800-cow dairy. DePere, WI

 Zirbel "We upgraded from Signature 2000 five years ago to AIC Presto Detachers and have had no issues. The product works really well, simple to operate, easy to clean and maintain. We really like them. Total Dairy is good to work with and technically knows the product.”