Perfect Milking The Fusion of Manpower, Livestock and Technology to Achieve Optimum Productivity and Health.

Managing productivity from Real-Time information

AIC Waikato brings detailed milk flow data into your management system and in front of your operators — increasing productivity and herd health


The Perfect Milking flow curve

  • Rapid Increase in Milk Flow, Reaching Near Peak Milk Flow in 30 seconds
  • Sustained Near Peak Milk Flow Rate for 3-4 minutes
  • Sharp Drop in Milk Flow prior to End of Milking
  • “Minimal” Low Milk Flow period, Noted in “Red”
  • Consistent “Very High”, Peak and Average Milk Flow Rates
  • Short Milking Unit-On Time (Lower Milking Stress)




AIC Waikato’s Perfect Milking Philosophy

We believe the most profitable dairies – like all businesses - are those which perform fundamental tasks to the highest standards. This belief is enabled by the “Perfect Milking” philosophy which is the cornerstone to streamlining a farm dairy business.

AIC Waikato tools and technologies guide farmers to achieve “Perfect Milking” — consistently delivering higher milk productivity in lower stress environments; ensuring healthier cows, managed staff and optimum utilization of milking equipment.

Our systems are clear, easy to use and uncluttered providing everything you need and nothing you don’t. Our technology has gained an enviable reputation for innovation, reliability and durability.